Improved business environment and investment climate, making the business sector in Dodoma and Kigoma ready for further growth and competiveness and in doing so capacitating the LGA's to support this development.


Draft Mapping & diognostic Study Report - Dodoma


BSPS IV & LIC presentation


Collaboration between LIC and TNBC


The market development (M4P) approach


Resolutions from Dodoma RBC – 13th Feb. 2015


Presentation to stakeholders in Dodoma




CEZOSOPA Processors Survey Report 2014

Business Environment and Investment Climate for Kigoma and Dodoma regions

Implementation of PANT principles as per HRBA and Gender Monitoring Checklist

Potential Returns from the Traditional Dura Variety Currently grown in Kigoma -2016


The World 2030 Denmarks strategy for development cooperation and humanitarian action

Task-Force-Report-on-Crop-Levy-Study-(2015)-Kongwa District

Newsletter VOL 1 - Issue 1 (March - Oct 2014)

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