Improved business environment and investment climate, making the business sector in Dodoma and Kigoma ready for further growth and competiveness and in doing so capacitating the LGA's to support this development.

Finalisation of Fish Cluster development in Kigoma Ujiji Municipal Council

Land use plan and spatial data collection in connection with District Business Database

LIC HRBA  Guideline  Checklist using PANTS principles

Making Dodoma Green with Horticulture

Mpunguzi UWAZAMAM - A farmer Grapes Production Association

One Stop Business Centre (OSBC) Mpwapwa District

One Stop Business Centre

The 7 Points Strategic Action Plan

The pull and replication effect on appropriate investments (leverages)

Viable Market for Grapes Producers at Mpunguzi

Workshop for preparation of Kigoma Local Business Environment Reform Plans 20 -21st August 2017