A high quality Ness garage in Dodoma
Inaguration of District Business Council by District Commissioner
Palm OIL processing plants in Kigoma- SIDO premises
Empowering Small Business to Greater Success
Palm Oil nursery seedling in Kigoma
Palm Oil Seedlings by SCT in Kigoma
SIDO Manager at a soap manufacturing plant located in SIDO premises
Sunflower farm planted with QDS seeds in Kasulu District
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05. 06. 2015 The Hon Issa Machibya the Kigoma Regional Commissioner (RC) giving his opening note during the Regional Business Council (RBC) meeting held on 5th of June 2015 in Kigoma. In his left is Mr Simbeye the TPSF Executive Director . read more
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About Small Investment Facility Fund (SIFF).
The Local Investment Climate Project (LIC) is implemented in Dodoma and Kigoma Regions aims to support Local Government Authorities (LGAs) so that they can stimulate private sector driven growth within their jurisdictions.
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Local Investment Climate (LIC) is one of the engagements of the fourth phase of the Business Sector Programme Support (BSPS IV). Other engagements are: Agricultural Markets Development Trust (AMDT), BEST-Dialogue, PASS Trust, Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) and Twinning arrangement of the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) and Danish Industries (DI).
LIC, AMDT and CTI/DI are new engagements in the BSPS IV and the rest is the continuation from BSPS III.


Project's Desire

LIC desires to see by 2019 that

(i) LGAs have taken on the responsibility for local implementation of reforms for business registration and land use. That they have gained understanding of why a good investment climate is essential for development and acquired the capacity, new skills and revised approaches and methods to help create a good investment climate.

(ii) The business community on its side will be better informed, organised and have significant business growth and new opportunities as local key obstacles have been removed.

(iii) The two parties are able to conduct a structured and evidence based dialogue on LIC obstacles and how to remove them.

(iv) LIC will have locked a good part of business potential in Dodoma and Kigoma, triggered a tangible increase in investment, growth and employment but also as a model for other regions in Tanzania.